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My name is Shelby, I’m located in Minnesota, but that’s not the only place I can photograph, consider me your on-call travel-bug if need be! I enjoy mountain range scenery, dogs, chilly mornings with a steamy hot beverage outside. I want to be where I can smell pine trees and dirt. That’s why being outside is my favorite place to shoot, somewhere beautiful, full of natural character. So let me tell you a little bit more about my imagery… Things are going to be natural, that's how it should feel. I am going to ask you to move, I’m going to tell you to talk to your lover, dance in a field, tickle each other, hum songs to each other… Because when you start interacting, you’re going to get what us photographers call “raw emotion” That emotion is going to tell someone a story when they look at that photo and say “Wow, they’re in love” Not necessarily just, “They look good together” Because you see… there is an enormous difference between making an image look pretty and creating something memorable. Authentic moments are going to shine through from the genuine interaction I have with you as my client, but also from you as a person and how I do my best to enhance that even more. You are my client, sure… but I want you to be more than that by the end of our session. So if after reading this you feel like I can portray the type of images you desire, then please contact me. I am so eager to create new things with new people such as yourself. Lets chat.

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